Wellesley and Simmons Hackathon is a hackathon for awesome women in the Boston area who like to make cool things.

This ChallengePost page is for the Wellesley and Simmons College Hackathon at Wellesley! We're a beginner-friendly hackathon and really chill. Learn more at ws-hack-with.me :)

- Submit your challenge on this site. Mentors will be able to judge them, voting will be done through link that we'll send around (Grand prize: voted on by mentors, rest of prizes: voted on by everyone else)


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Teams have already been specified!



  • short video demo-ing some features
  • link to project
  • project blurb
  • project instructions
  • what your animal team name is!


Jen Looper

Jen Looper

Judging Criteria

  • Best Usage of Telerik AppBuilder!